Our Commitment to
Responsible Investment

We believe that responsible corporate citizenship is a fundamental tenet of good investing. Since the firm’s inception, we have considered the broader environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) impact of our investments and activities. We have built a foundation, further detailed below, to measure and improve our performance with respect to the ESG principles that have historically guided our firm’s investments. This has been enhanced by our partnerships with two leading NGOs, BSR and Environmental Defense Fund. In addition, we have formalized our long term commitment to responsible investment by becoming a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment in 2014.

We became members of BSR in 2013 and continue to work with them on due diligence and portfolio company ESG related activities.

We became one of the first middle market private equity firms in North America to become a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment in 2014. We are actively involved with the PRI, serving as a member of both the Private Equity Advisory Committee and the LP DDQ Working Group.

We launched our partnership with Environmental Defense Fund in 2011. You can find more information about our activities in our annual ESG reports.

Integrating ESG in Due Diligence

Integrating ESG in Due Diligence

We have embedded ESG analysis throughout our due diligence process. Every potential investment presented to our Investment Committee includes a detailed analysis of potential ESG risks and opportunities conducted by our ESG Officer. We identify risks and opportunities related not only to the company’s operations, but also to the broader industries that the company relies on for supply and demand. When we need additional ESG expertise, we engage BSR, a nonprofit sustainability consulting and research organization. Our theme-based investing approach allows our ESG diligence process to continuously improve as we build more expertise in the key environmental and social issues across our investment themes.

Partnering with the Portfolio

Portfolio companies are provided with tools and resources to implement ESG initiatives, led by our ESG Officer. Our ESG reports detail results from our efforts at the following current or former Oak Hill portfolio companies.

The ESG initiatives that we have undertaken in partnership with Oak Hill have made us a better company. Improving our safety performance and energy efficiency has improved the satisfaction of our employees, helped us build better relationships with our customers and reduced our costs. It’s just good business.

– Scott Temple, President of Contract Logistics, Jacobson Companies

Having the support and resources at Oak Hill for our environmental initiatives has provided us with the ability to improve the energy efficiency of our data centers resulting in benefits to our customers and the environment.

– Nancy Phillips, CEO, ViaWest

As we looked for our next investor, it was essential to partner with a firm that shares the same culture and belief system as Berlin Packaging. We are extremely pleased to be part of the Oak Hill family, which has a proven commitment to investing responsibly.

– Andrew Berlin, Chairman and CEO, Berlin Packaging

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

We strongly believe that to succeed at incorporating ESG initiatives into our investments, we must also set a strong example with our philanthropy and community involvement. Each year Oak Hill donates a portion of its revenue to nonprofit organizations that share our mission of improving the lives and education of young people and veterans.

In 2013, we developed additional volunteer programs for the firm with Student Sponsor Partners based in New York City and BUILD in Menlo Park. Both programs are focused on improving educational outcomes for underserved high school students and we’ve seen strong support in both time and financial contributions from all of the investment professionals as well as many members of our legal and administrative teams.

BUILD is a national nonprofit organization, headquartered in the Bay Area, that uses entrepreneurship to promote college readiness among underserved high school students. Over the past two years, Oak Hill’s Menlo Park based Associates and Vice Presidents have served as “VC Advisors”, providing business advice and mentorship to nine student teams. With the financial support from all of our Menlo Park professionals, we have been able to contribute “seed capital” to each team, providing the opportunity for beta testing of the student team’s business plans.

SSP is a nonprofit organization based in New York that provides underserved students with four years of college preparatory education. For over 25 years, SSP has addressed the high school dropout crisis in New York City and has consistently delivered results. Each Associate has partnered with a senior investment professional to provide both mentorship and financial sponsorship to a student involved in the program.